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Why Choose Us

Balajee Packers & Movers?

Experience our Movers and packers services to optimize your supply chain, maximize efficiency and reduce costs. From disassembly, packaging, transfer to handling and storage, a team of certified professionals can provide efficient logistical support to a wide range of industries. Balajee Packers & Movers offers its clients the movers and packers services so that the former can experience their move with confidence, without having to worry about knowing how to properly pack their goods and their furniture and where to store them before they arrive at their destination addresses.

Why Choose Our Services?

Balajee Packers & Movers highly skilled team of professionals has decades of experience in providing reliable Movers and packers services to several major industries. We specialize in material handling equipment with the options to disassemble, packing and moving a complete production line before blocking and reinforcing with shipping containers. Choosing our logistics solution guarantees the highest quality container handling, storage, loading, and transfer services. Regardless of the size or quantity, our packaging companies have the expertise to handle all projects, large and small.

Our Packing Services?

The packaging is a very important step when it comes to moving. The success of the move largely depends on this step. Indeed, it is about protecting and securing property and furniture. Just like your move, you have the possibility of entrusting the packaging of your goods and your furniture to professionals, and we are there to offer you the services of those who work with us. The teams working with us have the techniques and skills to pack your goods and furniture in a professional manner. Likewise, they use the appropriate accessories to pack each of your moving items, and they will be packed according to their dimensions, their weight, or the material from which they are cut.

Our Handling Services?

Balajee Packers & Movers specializes in the handling of heavy industrial equipment and machinery, including canning, palletizing, loading, transferring, and storage.

Loading & Unloading Containers?

Proper reinforcement and loading of equipment in shipping containers are very important for safety in transit. A team of reliable containerization experts ensures that your machine is protected from damage in transit at advanced loading facilities.

Our Storage & Warehousing?

Balajee Packers & Movers offers industry leading warehousing and storage services at competitive prices for all short and long term storage needs. Balajee Packers & Movers also offers custom boxes and export packaging, as well as commercial storage and palletizing of all types of industrial products and components.

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